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Online freelance writing jobs can be an excellent way for writers to hone their skills and strengthen their resume. They can also be a very good source of extra income. However, before writers can start taking advantages of opportunities these jobs provide, they’ll need to locate them.

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There are bloggers that write because they love something, and bloggers that write because they hate something. Some people blog because it earns them money, and some blog just to vent. But it’s also a great way to promote yourself as a freelance writer.

Many people today think that blogging is either a waste of time or over-rated. But it’s actually a great way to build up a reputation as a writer.

In order to land clients for your freelance writing skills, you need to have a gallery of work. You have to show them your ability and style for them to decide if you’re a good fit. Your blog is a chance for buyers to see samples of your writing before they hire you. When you write for your blog, you write about a topic you pick while simultaneously building your writing portfolio.

There are plenty of writers who blog just to practice their writing skills, but they don’t realize that it’s also a way to get more work and to build their network of writers and potential clients. You’ll gain a lot more attention from potential clients with a fresh, interesting, and grammatically correct blog than you will as just a writer with a website.

Use your blog to show everyone what you can do and what your writing is all about. In addition to showing off your writing, it’s good practice. Your writing will improve the more you work at it.

So don’t believe those who say that blogging is a waste of your time. Freelance writers should see blogging as a chance to improve their career.

There are nearly endless opportunities for freelance writers to be successful, but most writers are looking for jobs in all the wrong places. These writers focus their attention on jobs posted online specifically targeting freelancers.

Some of the jobs online are legit, but many of them are just scams or wastes of time. These jobs pay poorly and yet are in high demand, with thousands of writers trying for them. This demand is the reason the job is posted online in the first place: publishers and advertisers want to hire freelancers who are so desperate or naive that they’ll accept these criminally low rates.

You’ll lose your self-respect as a writer doing this. You’ll start to believe that you really are only worth what these sites pay you.

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Yesterday we discussed finding working from home through content mills, blogging, and academic writing sites. However, most serious freelance writers don’t consider this kind of work to be true freelancing. Even the tax situation is different, as it’s considered work-for-hire and therefore independent contracting, not freelancing.

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When you are just starting out in a freelance writing career it can be difficult to find writing jobs. You probably lack a portfolio or references with which to back up your skills and qualifications. Thankfully, there are places where a freelance writer can get work without any qualifications or previous experience. All you need to get these freelance writing jobs is an Internet connection, some time, and the skills to make it happen.

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