How To Write A Proper SEO Article

Nowadays, most people – especially those that run a business, online or off – know the importance of SEO. After all, there is not a single marketing technique that is as effective and as affordable as Search Engine Optimization. The disadvantage is that this marketing method takes some time, since Google and other search engines first need to be able to find your site. And that can only be achieved with good content.

However, the rules changed quite a bit over at SEO land. Google now wants content this is written for both the reader as well as for the search engine bots. Even though SEO content is mainly used for back-linking purposes, chances are that it will turn up in the search results and thus, will be read by actual people. On top of that, the content on your main site should be SEO optimized as well for the best results. But how exactly do you go about writing a proper SEO article?

Writing SEO Optimized And Engaging Posts

Be aware that your article needs to be well written, engaging, and as informative as possible. In short, it should actually offer value to its reader. A well written article filled with valuable content will attract more readers to your site and will increase your overall revenue.

The article should present a new angle of a topic and present valuable information to the readers. Everyone has come across the numerous rehashed articles on the internet. Even though no content is truly unique, at least you can give a new spin to an old subject.

Choose a creative introduction for your article and make it interesting, not complex, and readable. The introduction AND the headline will determine whether or not a visitor will actually continue reading or whether he will simply move on to the next website.

Make a list of keywords for your article that potential customers or visitors would use to search for information about your product or service. Your article should be grammatically correct and have no spelling mistakes. Also make sure that you split it up into short paragraphs with sub titles, so that readers have a better overview.

Put the most important keywords and key phrases in the beginning of your article, in the first sentence if possible. Distribute the rest of keywords or the key phases naturally throughout the text and be sure not to overuse them.

Remember to link your page to another webpage that is relevant to the topic, which would ideally be your main website, if the article is purely used for SEO purposes.


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