Finding Online Freelance Writing Jobs

Online freelance writing jobs can be an excellent way for writers to hone their skills and strengthen their resume. They can also be a very good source of extra income. However, before writers can start taking advantages of opportunities these jobs provide, they’ll need to locate them.

One of the best places to locate freelance opportunities are online communities aimed at freelancers. Many employers use communities like this as a hiring resource, and many writers also use them to share opportunities with others. They can be an excellent place to network and gain footing in the freelancing world.

In addition to writing communities, writers should also take a look at online job boards. The employers who use these jobs are serious about wanting work done, and are usually looking to hire someone immediately.

There are a number of major websites that rely on freelancer content. Listings for these positions can typically be found directly on the website in question. Most websites will provide a contact email for the editor, and will provide writers with submission guidelines.

While writing for a major site is a big opportunity, writers should always seek out information about payment before turning to a piece. Several large websites don’t pay their freelance staff, and several others pay well below the going rate. Writers should always be aware of what they’re getting into, and should weigh the benefits a job offers against the time spent.

Social media sites such as LinkedIn can be an excellent way to network, but they can also be a very good way to find online job opportunities. Writers should maintain an active presence on social media, and should make it easy for prospective employers to find more information. It’s a good idea for writers to set up a site that contains contact information, credentials, and writing samples.

There are numerous email newsletters aimed at freelancers that provide up-to-date listings. One of the most popular newsletters is the Morning Coffee Newsletter. The jobs this newsletter offers often pay very competitively, and can help a struggling writer to earn a strong living.

While there are numerous people who’d like to make a living writing online, there are also many online freelancing opportunities. Any writer who’s willing to put the effort in should be able to successfully find work. Writers should take advantage of all the opportunities available to them and leave no outlet unturned.


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