How to Convince a Business They Need a Freelancer

When you try to pitch yourself or your work to a prospective client, are you successful? If not, have you tried telling clients about why they need a freelance writer at all, instead of just telling them about yourself? Some business may think that you are a good writer and produce quality work, but that they just don’t need anyone who isn’t a regular employee to do their writing. Of course, you’re better than their employees, right? You just have convince them!

So here are some things you can tell prospective clients about why they should hire a freelance writer.

Hiring a freelance writer gives a business flexibility. They can be brought on for any type of project and for any length of time to meet your communications needs. Using freelancers helps your business use your people and your resources more effectively.

Freelancers provide only what you need and only when you need it. If your business is downsizing or cutting costs, a freelance writer can meet temporary communications needs without the hassle and long-term expense of hiring a new employee. Conversely, if your business is growing and your staff can’t handle the workload, freelance writers can fill the gaps in your production schedule more quickly.

Freelance writers are specialists. They provide exactly the services that you need. Even if you have a writer on staff, they don’t know about all areas of writing. You can hire a freelance writer in a particular area to help with this.

Freelancers add diversity to your team, complementing their abilities and supplementing their skills. They provide a fresh perspective as well as their specialty knowledge.

Using a freelance writer means that someone else handles day-to-day writing duties, leaving you and your staff free to perform revenue-building activities. You can focus on customer contacts, strategic planning, or R&D, while the freelancer takes care of content creation and product descriptions.

Freelance writers create many different types of content, which are often very cost-effective for promoting your business. As an example, many companies hire freelance writers to create articles for a trade journal, as opposed to buying an ad in that journal. It’s usually less expensive and more effective to publish an article. Freelance writers may have other great ideas as to how to market your business, beyond the traditional.

Hiring a freelance writer is often the less expensive option. Adding an employee to your staff is a long-term expense. Hiring an ad agency is usually much more expensive.

The services provided by freelance writers shouldn’t be thought of as expenses but investments. All you have to do is convince a prospective customer and you’re good to go!


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