The Three Biggest Mistakes Freelance Writers Make

The biggest three mistakes freelance writers make can be easily avoided once you know what those mistakes are. I’m about to tell you what they are so you can be among the writers who don’t make those mistakes.

The world of freelance writing contains two types of people. The first type is enthusiastic about writing, makes money from it, and overall just loves being a writer. This writer likely has a long and successful career ahead of him due to the demand for high-quality writers.

The second type of writer is more depressed about his writing and nervous about his future. This type of writer doesn’t know why he writes or whether he should be writing at all. In fact, he doesn’t spend much time writing at all because he spends too much time worrying about it.

Here are three biggest mistakes in freelance writing that you have to avoid.

First Mistake: Not Writing Enough

Most of the problems that freelance writers deal with stem from failing to write enough.

How do you know when you’ve written enough?

That really depends on the amount of time you devote to writing. If you have only 15 minutes in your day that you can spend on writing, then try to write a page every day. If you have an hour, you should try to write four or five pages. If you have an hour in your day that you could spend writing, and don’t use it to produce four pages, you’re make one of the three biggest mistakes in freelance writing.

Mistake Two: Not Submitting Your Work

Freelance writers write in order to sell their work. If you have half-finished pieces (or worse, finished articles) sitting around on your computer, figure out why. Is that because writing is just your hobby? If that’s what you want, that’s okay. Enjoy your writing. But in that case, you aren’t a freelance writer, you’re a hobbyist.

But if you want to be a freelance writer and make money from your writing, selling has to be as much a part of your day as writing. Try to sell something every single day. Failing to sell is the second biggest mistake of freelance writing.

Mistake Three: Not Marketing Your Skills

This is linked to the second mistake. If you aren’t promoting and marketing your skills and work, you won’t sell anything. There are endless opportunities to promote your writing. There’s advertising, press releases, cold and warm sales calls, and more.

Not selling your skills is as big a mistake as not selling your work itself. Promoting and marketing are vital. Failing to do these things is the final biggest mistake in freelance writing.

Those three mistakes, again, were failing to write enough, failing to submit your work, and failing to market yourself to clients. If you avoid making these mistakes, you’ll become an enthusiastic and successful freelance writer in no time.


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