Increase Your Writing Speed

Here are some tips that you can use to increase your writing speed and produce more work. The faster you can write, the more money you can make.

First of all, you have to develop solid research skills. You will have to do research to become more familiar with an article topic, allowing you to take control of the topic and gather relevant information more quickly. Choosing the correct search phrase to use for research is very important. Putting phrases in quotations marks will produce search results with that exact phrase. Having the right search phrase will allow you to obtain relevant and useful information more quickly.

Mark down the areas of your topic that are going to require more research in order to write them, and the spots that you think will take more time to write. Knowing how long things will take is important when managing your time and trying to meet a submission deadline.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling the first time. Reading will help to improve your grammar, spelling, and writing style without even feeling like effort. If you can write using correct spelling and grammar the first time, you don’t have to spend a lot of time proofreading and editing your work later. Once you feel it’s complete regarding the content, it’s done. Submitting anything with grammar and spelling mistakes is a surefire way to doom your freelance writing career before it starts.

Practice your typing speed. If you can, learn to touch type so that you don’t have to look at the keyboard while typing. This may require some work if you were never taught in school. It’s worth it, though, since you’ll be able to look at the screen while you work, allowing you to proofread as you write. And typing faster allows you to produce articles at the speed of thought, instead of having your typing speed be the limiting factor.

Also practice your reading speed. Faster writing speed requires faster reading speed. The faster you can read material, the faster you can tell if its relevant information for you to use or if you shouldn’t waste more time on that site.

Create a list of bookmarks for useful research sites. Organize your bookmarks by topic or keyword. That way, when you need to research that topic again, you can quickly and easily open those bookmarks and find the information you want with a minimum of fuss. This will also help you in situations where you need to create bibliographic citations for your references, since you’ll have all of your research sites saved already.

Create your own blog in order to write more. The more often you write, the better your writing and research skills will become. You will become a faster writer simply through practice. If it’s your blog, you can choose a topic you enjoy writing and learning about, to make the research and writing process easier.

The best way to increase your writing speed is to practice all of the relevant skills. If you can be a faster editor, typist, reader, and researcher, you’ll be a faster writer too. And the only way to get better at those things is to practice them as much as possible, preferably by writing every single day.


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