Create Your Own Freelance Writing Opportunities

There are nearly endless opportunities for freelance writers to be successful, but most writers are looking for jobs in all the wrong places. These writers focus their attention on jobs posted online specifically targeting freelancers.

Some of the jobs online are legit, but many of them are just scams or wastes of time. These jobs pay poorly and yet are in high demand, with thousands of writers trying for them. This demand is the reason the job is posted online in the first place: publishers and advertisers want to hire freelancers who are so desperate or naive that they’ll accept these criminally low rates.

You’ll lose your self-respect as a writer doing this. You’ll start to believe that you really are only worth what these sites pay you.

Does this experience sound like something you’ve been through? Try a new way. The best freelance writing jobs out there are never openly or publicly advertised.

If you want to make real money, you’ll have to create your own freelance writing opportunities.

Creating your own opportunities opens a whole new world of possibilities. This is a world where you get to decide the value of your writing, and, even better, publishers pay those rates! It’s true. There are people out there who pay decent wages, even lucrative ones, to high-quality writers, and they’ll even seek you out.

Having a Website Is Key

The most successful freelance writers don’t have to look for work. They already have more of that than they can handle. They get to choose which jobs they want to take. The clients contact these writers through the writer’s own website.

Just think for a minute. If you were a publisher looking for a writer, what would your choice be? Do you want to advertise to a flood of applicants? Do you want to deal with the thousands of responses this would bring? No. Legitimate publishers don’t have any time for that. Instead, they find freelancers on the Internet the same way most freelance writers search for jobs: using a search engine. These publishers want to find a freelancer’s website, so they can easily buy the content they need,

Once the publisher finds a writer’s site, they use that site to get an idea of the writer’s specialties, experience, and style. If these match up with what they want in a writer, they’ll let the writer know. Everyone goes in knowing what rates the writer wants. This means you get those rates every time.

There are thousands of stories of failed and unsuccessful freelance writers out there. Many of these writers claim that they don’t have enough time to create a website advertising their skills. These same people also claim that there are no freelance writing jobs that pay decent wages.

Go start your own site. By doing that, you’re opening yourself up to a whole new batch of opportunities.


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