Marketing Yourself as Freelance Writer

If you want to continue to obtain freelance writing jobs, you need to be your own PR firm. You have to continually push your skills and your experience so that new prospects don’t dry up. In today’s post, we’ll cover some of the best ways to market your freelance writing abilities and turn them into work.


Your biggest focus should be on keeping your current clients. These clients are going to be the biggest sources for future freelance writing jobs for the least amount of work. You need to give the utmost effort to keep your current clients happy and satisfied with your writing, within reason. Don’t devalue your time, but do be willing to be flexible on revisions. Always make yourself available to discuss your work.


You should occasionally check in with past clients, especially if you performed more than one project for them. Networking is vital in the business world, and staying in contact lets that client know that you’re still around and working. Spell out in your contact messages that you enjoyed working with that client (even if it’s not true) and that you are available for future work. Continued contact with past clients will most likely turn into at least consideration for more jobs.


The final piece in the self-marketing puzzle is giving yourself something to market! The more experience areas you have, the more chances you have to tell a potential client “I can do that”. Don’t try to do everything, and don’t spread yourself too thin, but if you feel like you’ve mastered one area, branch out into a new one. This gives you a good variety of skills and a bigger spread of published work.


Being a self-promoter really isn’t that difficult nor is it that different from what you would be doing normally. Just remember to present yourself in a professional manner, perform good work, and stay in touch.


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