Searching for Freelance Writing Jobs

Yesterday we discussed finding working from home through content mills, blogging, and academic writing sites. However, most serious freelance writers don’t consider this kind of work to be true freelancing. Even the tax situation is different, as it’s considered work-for-hire and therefore independent contracting, not freelancing.

If you want to find true freelance writing jobs, there are some places you can look. These types of sites will generally require more experience and better writing samples than the sites listed in yesterday’s post. If you have practiced your writing skills with those sites, you should be better prepared to produce those writing samples.


One of the best places to search for freelance writing jobs is in freelance writing magazines and e-zines. These magazines will also have articles about freelance writing, such as tips and industry information. So not only do you get potential job listings from these publications, you learn more about how to become a successful freelance writer. Best of all, the online versions of these publications are often free!

Start your freelance writing job search at They provide a listing of magazines looking for new pieces, and even specify which publications are looking for new writers.

Avoid publications which charge a fee for access to their works, while promising impossible riches to those who pay up. While I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to make a six-figure income as a freelance writer, it’s unlikely. Most of the information contained in online magazines and ebooks for a fee is also available online.


Another great place to look for writing jobs is on freelance job search boards. There are sites that focus specifically on freelance writing jobs, and others that are more generic work from home boards. Some of these job search sites also offer newsletters with helpful tips for freelancers.

There are job search boards that charge a fee for access. While it is absolutely not required to join such a site, there are cases where these sites offer better options for writing jobs than the free boards. has a large selection of freelance writing jobs of all different types, but you have to bid on them to obtain the position. Sologig looks more like a traditional job board, but is focused on contract and consulting positions. There are many lists of writing job search sites out there; an excellent one can be found at


Another way to locate freelance writing positions is through traditional job search boards, such as or CareerBuilder. Most of my previous freelance writing jobs have been found through Craigslist. offers a way to search all of the listings on Craigslist. I usually enter a random zip code, then select jobs -> all jobs and check the “telecommute” option box. Search for “writer” or “writing” as a keyword using these settings, and a large number of freelance and work-for-hire writing positions will be presented.

Using sites like to find freelance writing jobs is a little trickier. These sites are not really set up to deal with the needs of freelancers and their employers. Searching for “telecommute writer” as a keyword, for example, will lead to wading through pages of writing jobs with “no telecommute option”. If you’re willing to dig a bit, though, you’ll find some gems.


As mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s usually faster and easier to begin a writing career at some other types of positions. However, if you hope to build up a portfolio and reference list as a serious career freelance writer, you’ll need to find true freelancing jobs. This list should be enough to get you started in your search. Remember, you can make money working from home through your writing, but you’ll need to be willing to hunt a lot to find the right positions.


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